Sean Bell


News Breaks in Bell Killing

Sean Bell Supporters Angry About Detectives’ Acquittal in Wedding Day Killing
25th April 2008

The wail that came up from the crowd was as if they heard that Sean Bell had died again. “No!” they shouted, while dozens of people, wearing Bell’s face on hats, T-shirts and buttons, burst into sobs. The scene unfolded outside the courthouse Friday as three police officers were cleared of all charges in the 2006 shooting of Bell, who died in a hail of 50 bullets on his wedding day.
Hundreds of friends of Bell and others wanted vindication for what they called a racially motivated shooting, and they reacted with tears and explosive anger to the officers’ acquittal.
Other reports:

NYPD officers cleared over Sean Bell shooting
25th April 2008

Three New York police officers were found not guilty on all charges today after gunning down a young black man on his wedding day in November 2006.

There is also a profile of Sean’s case on the 4WardEver website
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