In The News (Issue No3)


Featured Article

A mother who fought to the end
16th May 2008
After her daughter, Sarah, took a fatal overdose in prison, Pauline Campbell, who died yesterday, became a tireless campaigner against the deaths of women in custody. Julie Bindel pays tribute to a woman who was driven by a passion for justice. Pauline Campbell, who was found dead yesterday morning, put the deaths of women in prison on the map. A formidable and tireless campaigner, she had personal experience of deaths in custody. Just over five years ago, her much-loved daughter Sarah, 18, died of a drug overdose at Styal prison. Campbell’s body was discovered close to her daughter’s grave in Oakhills cemetery in Malpas, Cheshire.

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UK News

Three recent Black deaths in Met police custody
22nd May 2008
The cases featured were compiled by the Institute of Race Relations. The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) was established as an independent educational charity in 1958 to carry out research, publish and collect resources on race relations throughout the world.

Custody death police were lawful
12th May 2008
Police officers “acted lawfully” when arresting and detaining a man who died in police custody, a report said. But, the Independent Police Complaints Commission upheld complaints made by the wife of Sean Beard, 39, who died in November 2005 at Burton-on-Trent.
It emerged police did not tell his wife he had been taken to hospital and news of his death was leaked to other family members before next of kin were told. Mr Beard tried to swallow amphetamine, during a strip search, the IPCC said.

Tribute after son died in custody
7th May 2008
The father of a man who died in police custody has said his son was “a compassionate man with a wonderful sense of humour”. Lee Donovan, 23, from Newport, died after he was found collapsed in a police cell at Pontypool police station at the end of April.

Tourist death in police custody
6th May 2008
A tourist screams “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” as four policemen pin his neck to the ground in the street. Within seconds, Frank Ogboru stops breathing and dies. But none of the men restraining the Nigerian car dealer will be face a court because the Crown Prosecution Service says there is not enough evidence to charge them.

World News

Nigerian court frees ‘dead son’
7th May 2008
A Nigerian man, believed dead by his family, has been released from police custody on bail after seven years in detention without charge. Ugochukwu Nwaokporo, now 24, was arrested in 2001, just after he arrived in the capital, Abuja, his family say. He was tortured and shot in the leg by police in an attempt to force him to confess to armed robbery, he says.

Guantanamo’s Child: The Untold Story of Omar Khadr
5th May 2008
A US military judge dismissed the argument Friday that Guantanamo’s youngest detainee, Omar Khadr, was a child soldier when captured in Afghanistan and therefore in need of protection and not prosecution. US Army Colonel Peter Brownback’s ruling clears the way for Khadr’s trial, which will be the first war crimes trial in history of anyone under the age of eighteen.

Medical journal calls for independent studies on Taser safety
1st May 2008
There’s an acute need for more independent study of potential Taser health risks, says the latest Canadian Medical Association Journal in a sardonic editorial that blasts the manufacturer for intimidation tactics. Taser International has funded research it cites to support Taser safety while challenging and sometimes suing those who raise concerns, it says.

Bell’s fiancee: ‘They killed Sean all over again’
26th April 2008
A day after three New York police detectives were acquitted on all counts in the case of Sean Bell, an unarmed man killed in a hail of 50 police gunshots, his fiancee told supporters that the justice system let her down. “On April 25, 2008, they killed Sean all over again,” Nicole Paultre Bell told supporters at a rally organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Sean Bell Slaying Part of National Trend
25th April 2008
Three undercover detectives were found not guilty Friday in the 2006 police shooting of Sean Bell, a New York case that made national headlines.

Websites, Events & Publications

Website Feature: (4WardEver recommended)

Frances Newton: 1965-2005
The first African-American woman executed in modern Texas history despite resounding questions of whether she was guilty and whether she received a fair trial.

The Justice for Jeremiah Campaign
Jeremiah Duggan died in highly suspicious circumstances in Wiesbaden, Germany. He was 22 years old and a student in Paris. For five years the family have fought for Justice, but to date there has been no proper investigation.

Free Samar and Jawad
On 11th December 1996, Samar Alami, a Lebanese Palestinian woman, and Jawad Botmeh, a Palestinian man, were wrongfully convicted of conspiracy in relation to the bombings of the Israeli Embassy and Balfour House in London in 1994.

Abolition UK
Abolition U.K is a grassroots organisation formed in 2008. It is the only nationwide grassroots organisation focused solely on the issue of death penalty abolition.

Event Listings

INQUEST benefit event with Chickenshed Theatre Company
5th June 2008 at 7pm
This important fundraising event in support of INQUEST at
Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6AB
More Information >

For other current sources visit our website ‘Events & Notices‘ section:


Dying on the Inside – Examining Women’s Deaths in Prison
This new book provides a comprehensive examination of INQUEST’s casework on the 115 women’s deaths in prison between 1990 – 2007.
Concerns about inadequate treatment and neglect raised by the increasing number of women dying in prison resulted in the Women’s Deaths in Prison project which examined the issues arising in detail.
More Information >


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