Special Feature (Issue No1)


Focus on the Death Penalty

For a number of years now following our initial contact with the family of Tony Egbuna Ford, an inmate on Texas death row, 4WardEver has developed an area of our website dedicated to sharing information on the death penalty from around the world. We show solidarity with our comrades at home and abroad, who campaign to end this barbaric and inhumane form of ‘punishment’. By many campaigners and sympathisers the term capital punishment has become synonymous with the fact that it is mainly those without capital, the poorest in society, who suffer its fate.

We have put this special feature together to highlight recent and current coverage from 4WardEver and other sources. We hope that our readers will take some time to learn a little more about the plight of death row inmates, and the true scale of hypocrisy and dubious political intent that drives this vicious practice.

Putting aside the many innocent people on death row, no one condones the hideous crimes of others condemned to die; but central to the argument against capital punishment is the ideal that every human being, even those that take life, have a fundamental right to life in a modern world.

Excerpt from ‘The Case Against The Death Penalty’
by Hugo Adam Bedau
Two conclusions buttress our entire case: Capital punishment does not deter crime, and the death penalty is uncivilized in theory and unfair and inequitable in practice.

Introduction by Larry Fedja – 4WardEver Campaign UK

Recent Stories

Appeals court stays execution for Harris County killer
3rd June 2008
Two last-minute appeals filed today halted Texas’ first planned execution after a nine-month hiatus. The Court of Criminal Appeals granted the stay after attorneys for the Texas Defender Service took up Derrick Juan Sonnier’s case in the last few days.

Inmates plead for deliverance
20th May 2008
The common prayer of those on Zambia’s jam-packed death row is for divine intervention to end their hell on earth and let the waiting hangman carry out his job speedily.

What now for Mumia?
28th April 2008
On 27 March, a US federal appeals court overturned Mumia Abu-Jamal’s death sentence, but not his conviction for murder.

Past Updates

US Supreme Court upholds lethal injection, opening way to resumed executions
17th April 2008
On Wednesday the US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 to reject a challenge to execution by lethal injection. The case was brought by two Kentucky death row prisoners, who argued that the method exposes those condemned to die to the risk of cruel and unusual punishment.

Death Penalty “Walk 4 Life”
27th February 2008
International Human Rights Activist to “Walk 4 Life” to Abolish the Death Penalty. Andre Latallade, also known as Capital-“X” will walk from Trenton New Jersey, approximately 1,700 miles to the Governors mansion in Texas.

Death Row Briton ‘Innocent and Angry’
13th January 2008
A Scottish man who spent more than 20 years on death row has hit back at the family of the girl he was accused of killing, who told him he would “burn in hell.”


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