Recent News: June 2008


Mother of stabbed girl accuses police of failing her
published: 6th June 2008

The mother of Arsema Dawit, the 15-year-old who was stabbed to death in a tower block in south London, yesterday accused police of having failed to protect her daughter.
Tsehainesh Medhani, whose daughter was killed on Monday, said police did not take seriously enough complaints from the family that Arsema was being harassed by a man who was threatening to kill her.

An inquest heard yesterday that Arsema had bled to death after being repeatedly stabbed in the neck. She was found in a lift a few metres from her front door in the block of flats near Waterloo station in London.

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US inquiries into Iraqi deaths
published: 5th June 2008

The US military has been conducting a number of investigations into incidents of alleged unlawful killings by US forces in Iraq.
The BBC summarises the most important elements of each case.

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