Campaigns on the Web


Family Web Pages Collective

4WardEver UK launched the ‘Family Web Pages Collective
in November 2005.’

Family Web Pages (FWP) is a free website design service for families. It was driven by our own experiences of deaths in custody, and the difficulties of getting engaged with the wider public to tell our own story in place of the distorted information often put out by the Press. FWP has already assisted a number of families both in the UK and abroad, and is supported by First Stop Web Design, a Birmingham based community enterprise collective.

In this, the 10th year of the United Families & Friends Campaigns’ annual rally in London, we will continue to provide this valuable and practical support to those who have lost loved ones in police, penal and mental health custody.

See some of the sites that we have developed:

Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice | Justice4Paps
Justice4Paul Coker | Remember Pauline
Justice for Michael Bailey

Support for families by families!

Make a mark on your desktop!
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To mark our third year of operation our visitors can now download our screensavers for FREE!

Click Here for information & downloads on our website!


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