In The News (Issue No8)


Featured Article

Family of man shot dead by police while under surveillance is denied inquest
11th November 2008

Eleven weeks before Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead at Stockwell Tube station, Scotland Yard killed a 24-year-old Londoner on a suburban road in Edgware.  Like Mr de Menezes, Azelle Rodney was unarmed and under police surveillance. But while the death of the innocent Brazilian has led to one of this country’s most high-profile inquiries into the actions of armed police officers, the mother of Azelle Rodney has been denied any public investigation into her son’s killing.

More than three years after Mr Rodney was shot, his family is still waiting for an inquest to establish the circumstances of his death and is yet to see a full report that was commissioned by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

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UK News

Warning over rising jail numbers
21st November 2008
The prison population will reach almost 10,000 in a decade if present trends continue, it has been predicted. A Scottish Government report said that last month a daily average of 7,376 people were held in jails and a further 309 were on home detention curfew. It said the figures would reach 9,600 and 380 in 2017 based on current trends – but that its projections would depend on developments over the coming year.

Justice must be seen to be done
20th November 2008
The appointment of Richard Foster as the new chairman of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) has greatly disturbed those involved in overturning wrongful convictions.
It is an age-old adage that justice not only has to be done; it has to be seen to be done for the public to have faith in its functioning.

Justice system ‘fails vulnerable’
19th November 2008
The criminal justice system is failing people with learning disabilities from the point of arrest to their release from prison, a report suggests. The Prison Reform Trust said vulnerable people were being discriminated against in police stations, courts and jails. At worst, a lack of police safeguards raised the chances of a miscarriage of justice, the three-year review found.

World News

Rage against the machine
28th November 2008
Yang Jia, who was executed by lethal injection this week, was an unlikely hero. On July 1, the 28-year-old stabbed six police officers to death. Nobody has suggested he didn’t commit the crime. Yang Jia himself said it was an act of revenge. He and the police agree that last year he was detained for riding an unlicensed bicycle. Yang Jia said he was beaten; the police denied this. Yang Jia demanded compensation, and when it was refused, he committed mass murder.

Jamaican lawmakers vote to retain death penalty
26th November 2008
In the end, not even an appeal from the internationally respected South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu made a difference.
By a comfortable margin of 34 to15 with 10 abstentions, Jamaican lawmakers voted Tuesday to retain the death penalty. The conscience vote was the second in Jamaica’s modern history regarding the abolition of the death penalty. The first time, in 1979, 24 of the 44 members supported the motion.

Websites, Events & Publications

Website Feature: (4WardEver recommended)

Cageprisoners is a human rights organisation that exists solely to raise awareness of the plight of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other detainees held as part of the War on Terror.

The Centre for Investigative Journalism
CIJ advances education for, and public understanding of, investigative journalism, critical inquiry, and in-depth reporting and research. CIJ is a registered charity offering high-level training, resources and research to the community, journalists, students, non-governmental organisations and others interested in public integrity and the defence of the public interest.

A World to Win
A World to Win was formed in July 2005 at a launch conference in London. The organisation runs on transparent, accountable lines and strives to involve all its members in decision-making processes. They reject dogma and fixed assumptions about the world.

Event Listings

Coming in 2009
The Hounding of David Oluwale (stage play adaptation)

Also see the David Oluwale Memorial Appeal
Adapted from Kester Aspden’s critically acclaimed book, this timely, gripping play unravels the mystery of Oluwale’s life and violent death, revealing a chilling and resonant story of persecution and prejudice.

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Amnesty International ‘End U.S. Detention in Guantanamo Bay now!
Get involved today…

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Reports & Publications

Book: Catching History on the Wing
‘Catching History on the Wing: Race, Culture and Globalisation’ is part of Pluto’s 21st birthday series ‘Get Political’, which brings essential political writing by Marx, Lenin, Fanon et al to a new audience.
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Books: Sentencing and the Law
A range of publications from the Howard League for Penal Reform
The Howard League for Penal Reform is the oldest penal reform charity in the UK. It was established in 1866 and is named after John Howard, one of the first prison reformers.
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Documentary: The Secret Policeman
first broadcast: 21st October 2003
Five years ago, the BBC screened the controversial documentary The Secret Policeman, which revealed racism amongst police recruits in Manchester.
See the full programme…

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