No, Not Facebook; FactBook..


Visit fACTbOOKVisit ‘FactBook: Stop State Killing’

This is an experimental project that we very much hope takes off. We wanted a place online where like-minded people could congregate around a specific campaign theme, (in this case the challenge to state killings, deaths in prison / police custody and capital punishment), and share all that combined skill and knowledge to demonstrate true solidarity with each other.

FactBook uses many of the tools familiar to users of Facebook and Bebo, building a social network on the Internet. No barriers – We want people from all over the world to get involved, so spread the word…

The Internet has become a potent tool in the re-awakening of the public consciousness, and the mobilisation of people for in-direct and direct action. There are those very useful facilities such as YouTube and Facebook etc, but they often attract some very unsavoury characters and do not always lend themselves to a specific ‘struggle audience.’

We hope that you will join us in this task, and get like-minded people to do the same – together we can build a truly focussed network.

“Keep Informed – Keep up the Struggle”
The 4WardEver Volunteer Team


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