The struggle to free Mumia continues


mumia1A meeting in London on 6th December 2008 heard the latest on the case of US political prisoner and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal. Mumia is only 54 years old but has already spent 26 years on Death Row. Fiona Harrington reports.

The struggle has now reached a real crisis point as Mumia’s situation becomes increasingly urgent. To those who have been following the case from the beginning in 1982, or who have become aware of it at any point along the way since, it might seem as if Mumia will always be there, inspiring us with his eloquence and unquenchable spirit and providing moral support and hope for others jailed for their beliefs and activities.

However he may not be with us for much longer if the next and possibly final appeal against his conviction is lost. That may indeed be the case as the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia has ruled against a new trial for Mumia. In fact they have called instead for a sentencing hearing, the result of which may be either a life sentence without possibility for parole, or chillingly, a death sentence.

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December 2008

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