On Film (Issue No1)


on-filmWhat’s up on film?

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The 4WardEver Volunteer Team regularly scan the web and other resources for film & audio that our readers are likely to find of interest. If you spot something, let us know via info@4wardever.org

The Secret Policeman
first broadcast: 21st October 2003
Five years ago, the BBC screened the controversial documentary The Secret Policeman, which revealed racism amongst police recruits in Manchester.
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Pull the plug on ‘torture music’
originally published: 25th October 2008
Reprieve has launched a new initiative called Pull the Plug – to expose and stop the use of torture music against prisoners of the ‘war on terror.’ Here, former Guantanamo prisoner Ruhal Ahmed describes his experience of being tortured by earsplitting music in the hands of the US authorities.Reprieve was founded by human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith in 1999.
See the YouTube clip…

SOCPA – The Movie
originally published: 25th October2008
SOCPA (Serious Organised Crime and Police Act) was a law introduced to stop protest near Parliament in England.Designed to get rid of 6-year peace protestor Brian Haw, so far it has failed. This film tells the story of the battle against this law, and the surreal comedy at times when police try to enforce it. documentary shows the enormous creativity and tenacity of brian and other campaigners appalled at the idea that we have to ask for permission to protest near parliament.
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Released Guantanamo detainee speaks out
first broadcast: May 2003
Moazzam Begg speaks to an audience of around 100 people at Goldsmiths’ University London. The meeting was organised by Lewisham Stop The War Coalition.
See the YouTube clip…


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