Breaking News: US cops shoot young unarmed man dead in public


oscar-grantHundreds demand answers, action in subway shooting

Hundreds of citizens and community leaders packed into the Bay Area Rapid Transit board room and two overflow rooms Thursday, demanding the group take responsibility for a subway officer’s shooting that left a young man dead.

The BART board of directors meeting started with a moment of silence for Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old father who was killed on New Year’s Day in a crowded train station, but it quickly turned into a parade of angry speeches by elected officials, activists and outraged citizens.

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One Response to “Breaking News: US cops shoot young unarmed man dead in public”

  1. 1 Brett Myer

    Awful, just awful……..
    This is a blatant act of brutality that was totally uncalled for.
    At the very least this officer must face a manslaughter charge, anything less will truly be an INJUSTICE. We watch and pray.

    Rest in peace Oscar.


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