26 Years On – Colin’s Story


Colin RoachColin Roach, aged 21 years, died in January 1983 after receiving a fatal gunshot wound in 1983 while in the custody of Stoke Newington police station, London.

He is alleged by the police to have shot himself in the mouth. Authorities alleged that he had committed suicide after entering the Stoke Newington Police Station. Many believed that there was reason to doubt this story and instead argued that Roach was murdered by police.

The police surgeon who was called to Roach’s corpse in the foyer of the police station said that the body position was inconsistent with suicide. The shotgun with which he was killed could not be fitted into the sports bag Roach had with him, not even when broken down.

Questions why no public enquiry into the death took place are still called even today, but the authorities have always resisted calls for an inquiry into his death.

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Benjamin ZephaniahZephaniah Remembers
Renowned international poet and writer, Dr Benjamin Zephaniah, has provided 4WardEver UK with the following contribution. Zephaniah reflects on the mood following the death of Colin Roach, and the new movement it ignited. He also shares with us the rallying chant that he wrote for the supporters and protestors of Colin’s case.

Campaigner and Director of the controversial film INJUSTICE, Ken Fero, shares with us an interview with Graham Smith from the Hackney Community Defence Association. The interview explored policing methods and its impact in Hackney, East London UK; and the effect Colin’s death had on the organisation and the wider Black community in the borough.

“We Remember – Colin Roach”


One Response to “26 Years On – Colin’s Story”

  1. 1 fred blogs

    hey bro i was around them days also a friend of colin’s and family, him never mad, ah de police kill him, poice had no disaplin them days, they will see you and if they’ve arrested you before yu bet they’re sticking some charge you, yep it happen to me, stoky police station smoke the best spliff, dem rade my yard because of ere say and my mother had told me that they had weed smoking in front of her, been as my she’s from Jamaica she new the smell, they are killers.

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