The Bush Push: A shameful record on the death penalty


bush_editedProvided by: Jaqui Miller

I hear so many cries that Bush was treated disrespectfully as the outgoing president of the United States; that his ‘contribution’ should be acknowledged and he be given a bond farewell with blessings….. “Bullshit” and “No way hose’ ” I shout. Read the following and make up your own mind!?

Executions in Texas under the watch of Gov. George W. Bush provides evidence of what opponents of the death penalty have long argued.

The inequity of the death penalty cannot be separated from the fact that those on death row are predominantly poor and without the resources to defend themselves adequately. At the very least, and even if one is not opposed on moral and philosophical grounds to the death penalty, what is needed is a renewed material and philosophical commitment to the office of public defender.

Overworked, underpaid and too often unqualified lawyers would hardly do for Mr. Bush, if he or one of his family members faced prosecution, on any charge. Yet this seems to be the norm for so many, with so much at stake.

Brooklyn, May 15, 2000

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