In The News (Issue No10)


hme-case-update_editedRecent News

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Policy & Reform
Youths in custody: our duty of care
27th January 2009
Guardian Letters
In his 2005 report on the state’s “respect for human rights” in the UK, Álvaro Gil-Robles, European commissioner for human rights, expressed profound concern about the high level of child and youth imprisonment and the over-emphasis “on punishment and control” at the expense of “rehabilitation”.

Deaths in Police Custody
July trial scheduled in Taser death case
31st January 2009
A July trial date was set Friday in the case of a former Winnfield Police officer accused of killing a man with a Taser stun-gun while the man was still in police custody.

No end to deaths under police custody
23rd January 2009
Reading of the recent death under police custody, we are bewildered and have to pose this question to our Prime Minister, “Will there be no end to this?”

Family wants police charged in New Orleans killing
9th January 2009
As fireworks exploded over the Big Easy on New Year’s Eve, 22-year-old Adolph Grimes III pulled up to his grandmother’s home near the French Quarter after a five-hour drive from Houston, Texas.

Deaths in Prison Custody
Prisoner let down in every instance
23rd January 2009
Northampton Chronicle
The manager of a prison segregation unit in Northamptonshire where an inmate killed himself said he “regretted his death 100 per cent”, an inquest heard yesterday.

First death of a woman in prison this year
16th January 2009
At the start of the year, the Ministry of Justice released figures stating that ’self-inflicted’ deaths in prisons had reduced in 2008. The explanation was that it was due to better training, better information sharing and guidance on self harm.

Capital Punishment
Bill to abolish death penalty gets go-ahead
30th January 2009
With shaking hands and a quivering voice, a Las Vegas, N.M., woman whose son was executed by the state of Texas asked the New Mexico House of Representatives on Thursday to end capital punishment in this state.

State Terror
Blackwater banned from Iraq
30th January 2009
John Tyrell Blogs
The Iraqi government have withheld a license for the U.S. security firm Blackwater to operate in Iraq. In 2007 employees were involved in the fatal shooting of Iraqis. The use of privateers in war zones is highly contentious, but the number of civilians involved has risen sharply.

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