Oscar Grant Updates: Skeptical judge grants bail to former BART cop


oscar-demo1Former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle meant to fire his Taser stun gun, not his pistol, when he fatally shot an unarmed man on an Oakland station platform, his defense attorney said Friday in persuading a judge to set bail in the murder case. Mehserle was, however, still in jail at the time this article was published:

Attorney Michael Rains said another BART officer reported hearing Mehserle say just before shooting Oscar Grant that he was going to “tase him.” Afterward, Mehserle told the other officer he thought Grant had been reaching for a gun, Rains said.

Although Judge Morris Jacobson agreed to give Mehserle a chance to bail out of Santa Rita Jail, he attacked Rains’ account of the shooting early New Year’s Day as inconsistent. Mehserle appears willing to “make up something that’s not true” to escape consequences for shooting Grant, Jacobson said.

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BART shooting suspect’s bail set at $3 million
30th January 2009
A judge set bail at $3 million Friday for the former BART police officer accused of killing a 22-year-old man at a BART station on New Year’s Day.

Excessive force in question in BART shooting
28th January 2009
the amateur videos that captured former Bay Area Rapid Transit Officer Johannes Mesherle shooting Oscar Grant have been shown repeatedly since the New Year’s Day incident, but now the actions of other officers on the platform that morning are being called into question.

BART Cop Who Punched Oscar Grant Should Resign
27th January 2009
BART is investigating Tony Pirone, the officer that punched Oscar Grant in the face prior to Grant’s shooting on New Years Eve.

New video surfaces in BART shooting
25th January 2009
BART is promising an investigation after new video surfaced showing one of its officers punching Oscar Grant just minutes before he was fatally shot by another officer on New Year’s Day.

BART shooting victim recalled with joy and tears
8th January 2009
He acted like an older brother to his sister, even though he was six years younger than her. And he was such a dedicated fisherman that during a church trip, he dressed up in full angler’s gear, complete with jacket, hat and 15-foot deep-sea fishing pole.


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