What’s On: In the Line of Fire


police-armedIn The Line of Fire
Tuesday 10th February 2009
ITV1 (UK) | 21.00 – 22.00

Armed Police…

The latest police action series comes roaring onto our screens with cries of, “Armed police! Get your hands where I can see them!” Yes, we’re following CO19 division – officers trained to use firearms and deal with armed suspects at 8,000 violent crimes a year. Out of those 8,000 call-outs they will only discharge their weapons five times. But if one of those is a mistake on the scale of Jean-Charles de Menezes, we could all do with some reassurance that these are not a bunch of trigger-happy goons.

Hence, perhaps, this series, which portrays them, of course, as professional, painstaking and cool under pressure. It also offers grimly tense viewing, climaxing with a gunman on the run one freezing night in Peckham. He’s cornered in a block of terraced houses and their gardens: will an army of officers with bulletproof shields and sniffer dogs be able to find him?

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