On The Web (Issue No2)


website-browsing2What’s up on the worldwide web?

4WardEver recommended

The 4WardEver Volunteer Team regularly scan the web and other resources for websites that our readers are likely to find of interest. If you spot something, let us know via info@4wardever.org

Truth About China
The purpose of the website is to publish articles by journalists about a variety of topics concerning the People’s Republic of China.

The Women’s Refugee Commission
The Women’s Refugee Commission’s mission is to improve the lives and defend the rights of refugee women and children, including the internally displaced, returnees and asylum seekers.

Kids Against The Death Penalty
Kids Against the Death Penalty (KADP) is an organization dedicated to ending the Death Penalty across the United States. “Yes we are kids, but we know that Murder of ANY kind is wrong, and that includes state-sanctioned-murder!”

No to Death Penalty
The Community of Sant’Egidio began in Rome in 1968, at the initiative of a young man, who was then less than twenty, Andrea Riccardi. He gathered a group of high-school students, like himself, to listen to and to put the Gospel into practice.


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