New evidence prompts police review of murder case


eddie-gilfoylePolice notes cast doubt over conviction | Prof Canter: I got it wrong and an innocent man got life | The police notes | How The Times discovered the evidence | Police admission | ‘Walter Mitty’ life | The ‘crime’ scene | Pregnancy drove police

The police yesterday launched a review into the conviction of Eddie Gilfoyle for the murder of his pregnant wife following the publication by The Times of new evidence that could help to clear him after 17 years in prison.

Merseyside Police said that it had called in the Crown Prosecution Service with a view to referring Gilfoyle’s conviction to the official body that investigates miscarriages of justice.

Yesterday The Times disclosed that it had discovered long-lost notes of police interviews which suggest that Gilfoyle was at work at the time that his 32-year-old wife Paula died. The notes reveal a series of blunders by police at the scene, including the destruction of evidence.

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