Police pay £60k compensation to Babar Ahmad


Visit the website

Visit the website

originally published: 18th March 2009
all credits:  Cageprisoners

The Metropolitan Police has agreed to pay £60,000 damages to a man it arrested during an anti-terror raid.

The High Court heard that Babar Ahmad was subjected to “serious gratuitous prolonged unjustified violence” and “religious abuse” after his arrest.

Mr Ahmad, a 34-year-old IT support analyst, was never charged following the dawn raid at his home in Tooting, south west London, in December 2003.

He is now in jail awaiting extradition to the US on separate charges. Phillippa Kaufmann, counsel for Mr Ahmad, told the High Court that he had been dragged by handcuffs and subjected to neck holds.

She added his treatment at the hands of Territorial Support Group officers was intended to humiliate and debase him and make him fear for his life.

Ahmad’s brother-in-law, Fahad Ahmad, read out a statement on his behalf which said he was pleased the Metropolitan Police had accepted its officers subjected him to “physical abuse. This abuse took place not in Guantanamo Bay or a secret torture chamber but in Tooting, south London”.

“I would like to thank my family and all who have supported me and my campaign for justice, particularly my legal team who have spent many years fighting for me. I can now put this incident behind me and focus on the fight to prevent my extradition to the United States.”


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