RCMP review is disgraceful indictment

Robert Dziekanski2

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originally published: 13th March 2009

I thought we’d hear something mitigating from those Richmond, B.C., Mounties, at least a few words to cast a shred of doubt on the damning video.

As an indictment, their words almost equal Paul Pritchard’s video, which would capture an Oscar if such a category as “honest non-fiction” existed.

Three of the officers seem allergic to truth, peddling make-believe tales suitable for some parallel universe. It’s clear from Pritchard’s handiwork the four burly Mounties were not threatened by Polish arrival Robert Dziekanski.

On point after point, the Mounties either lied or were grossly mistaken. Const. Kwesi Millington can’t even recall how many times he shocked Dziekanski with the Taser, as if it was too casual an act to count. One cop suggested Dziekanski raising his hands – a universal sign of surrender – constituted a threat.

The stapler has now taken its place in crime-busting lore with Millington’s description of the one wielded by Dziekanski as menacing him in “the open position.” One can only wonder if the stapler’s safety was off.

When initially hit with the Taser, Dziekanski crumpled in writhing agony, but Millington insists he shocked the doomed man several more times, fearing the device wasn’t working. He also recalls being “scared” by the outnumbered, unarmed and non-lunging Pole. Earlier that night, an apparently unfrightened woman approached Dziekanski – even as he brandished a piece of furniture.

Millington insisted he acted according to training, which is terrifying enough. And a B.C. Crown report, explaining why no charges would be laid against the four, concludes the “actions of the officers were consistent with RCMP policy and training.”

Read full report >


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