Join us in support for Tony Ford!

visit website

visit website

Please support the Campaign to Free Tony Egbuna Ford… spread the word!
Sign the petition today >

“It was Tony’s plight that spearheaded 4WardEver UK’s quest to report and support not just Tony, but many other death row inmates. It inspired a dedicated section on the 4WardEver website, and a number of events that we have organised and participated in.

“Tony’s noble battle mirrors the thousands of others sentenced to the cruel and unusual death sentence, and reminds all that suffer injustice of the ultimate sacrifice that some so-called ‘civilised’ societies are prepared to exact on their own citizens.”

Tippa Naphtali
4WardEver Campaign UK

Excerpt: The Tony Egbuna Ford Website

To those who take time to seek the full truth of Tony’s case the facts speak for themselves. To those who take time to know the man behind the media portrayal and behind the tabloid stereotype of a death row inmate, and to those who truly know and love Tony, his character is clear.

Amazingly Tony carries no bitterness at the suffering he has endured, at the years he has lost and can never recover. He remains resolute in his fight for justice and yet this constant struggle does not taint him. He loves life and he retains a strong faith in both God and the human race.

“to remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all”
Elie Wiesel


One Response to “Join us in support for Tony Ford!”

  1. 1 Rachael


    Many thanks for all that you have done and continue to do to support my husband, and our whole family through this battle for his life.

    I have noticed though that the petition mentioned above is an old out of date one, and one that is run by a group Tony is no longer working with – as such it could disappear at any time!

    With this in mind, could you please amend the petition detail to the following which is the up to date petition that will be submitted at the pertinent time:

    Anyone who has already signed the old petition is requested to sign the new one if they are able to spare a moment to do so. Many thanks.

    In solidarity

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