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mohammed-mudhirMohammed Mudhir
In March 2009, An inquest jury sitting before HM Coroner for West Yorkshire, David Hinchliff, today concluded that a catalogue of serious failings at HMP Leeds caused or contributed to the death of 25 year old remand prisoner Mohammed Mudhir who was found hanged in the segregation unit of the prison on 21st August 2005 while the balance of his mind was disturbed.

binyam-mohamedBinyam Mohammed
Binyam Mohammed has always maintained that he was brutally tortured with the involvement and full knowledge of British and US intelligence agencies. Finally released in 2009, he had spent years in the CIA’s network of ‘black sites’ in appalling and degrading conditions.

eddie-gilfoyleEddie Gilfoyle
In June 1992 Eddie’s wife, Paula Gilfoyle, who was eight and a half months pregnant, committed suicide by hanging herself in the garage of their home in Upton, Wirral. Despite the fact that a suicide letter was found, written by Paula herself, her family and friends were not satisfied that Paula would have committed suicide and gossip turned to rumour and rumour turned to suspicion.

Raymond Gilbert
Raymond Gilbert is still in prison with little hope of release soon. He was convicted in December ’81 of the murder of a bookmaker, John Suffield, in Liverpool. Suffield was stabbed to death on the morning of Friday 13th March that year. Convicted at the same time as Gilbert was John Kamara, who was eventually released by the Court of Appeal in 2000 after long years maintaining his innocence.

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Sean Hodgson
Sean Hodgson had an ‘unsafe’ murder conviction quashed after 27 years behind bars. On his release he said that he was “ecstatic” as he walked free after having his conviction overturned by the Court of Appeal. He had spent 27 years in jail for the murder of typist Wendy Sewell in Bakewell Cemetery. His conviction was overturned in 2002 after a campaign by former Matlock Mercury editor Don Hale.

Mack ‘Jody’ WoodfoxMack ‘Jody’ Woodfox
Mack ‘Jody’ Woodfox, aged 27, was fatally shot on 25th July 2008 by officer Hector Jiminez of the Oakland Police Department during an attempted traffic stop. Preliminary autopsy results the unarmed victim revealed he had been shot in the back. Police acknowledged that some circumstances of Mack’s shooting may raise questions but claimed that all officer-involved shootings are taken seriously.

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