15-year-old dies after police shoot him with Taser gun


police taseroriginally published: 23rd March 2009

An investigation was opened and an autopsy ordered with police saying it was not clear whether Brett Elder’s death was directly linked to the Taser incident.

Police said the trouble began when three police officers were summoned to quell a fight between two males at an apartment in Bay City, Michigan. “After several attempts to diffuse the situation with the subjects, one of the male subjects attempted to go after other occupants of the apartment and attempted to fight the officers,” the police said. “The male subject was then tasered and arrested,” police said.

Cindy Hender, Elder’s aunt, witnessed the incident and told local television her nephew “was flopping around and looked like a fish out of water … His whole body was bent over”. Police said medical personnel were summoned “due to the subject’s reactions,” and Elder was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Deputy Police Chief Thomas Pletzke told WNEM-TV said Elder was not handcuffed when he was Tasered. A police officer was suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

Amnesty International said Elder’s death added to the concern over Taser use by cops in a “non-life threatening situation”. “While we don’t have full details of what happened, there have to be ways of restraining an unarmed teenager other than using electroshock weapons,” said Angela Wright, US researcher at Amnesty International.

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One Response to “15-year-old dies after police shoot him with Taser gun”

  1. 1 unreal

    This is an example of a coward cop. He should move to British Columbia. The four cops there who tasered a Polish immigrant didn’t even get a suspension, even though they killed the man, lied about it, and then tried to cover it up. The cop who was in charge at the scene went on to kill another person while he was drinking and driving. Come to B.C. all you yellow coward cops, we have plenty of your kind here, and I am sure they would welcome some more of your kind.

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