The G20 Protests: What A Bloody Mess


Police - see-no-eviloriginally published: Jason Parkinson – 16th April 2009

It is now just over two weeks since the protests against the London 2009 G20 summit and a lot more has become clear since video and photographic evidence has rolled into various news outlets and online self-publishing websites.

My work on the G20 started with a short film on The Government of the Dead back in February. University of East London anthropologist Chris Knight took his band of zombies, dancing their way along Oxford Street to Tyburn, the site of ancient public executions, now known as Marble Arch, to hang an effigy of a banker. This followed on from the previous film Global Economic Crisis: The First Wave, which documented the initial London protests against failing capitalism and the £500 billion banker bailout.

As Knight was splashed across the news as an instigator of violence, he was suspended from work and the Counter Summit he organised was cancelled at the university, the zombie carnival footage became part of the Guardian report on Knight.

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