Iran: Roxana Saberi speaks, aftershocks continue…


Roxana-Saberi4_519081aoriginally published: 12th May 2009

Thin and pale, but nonetheless overjoyed, Roxana Saberi today made her first public appearance since her release from prison Monday after more than three months in detention.

Saberi’s apparently free to leave Iran for the U.S. But the after-effects of the Iranian American journalist’s arrest and stunning release from prison will continue.

Saberi appeared before reporters in front of her north Tehran apartment building for no more than a minute or two, making a brief statement:.

“I’m of course very happy to be free and with my parents again.and I want to thank all the people all over the world — which I’m just finding out about, really — who, whether they knew me or not, helped me and my family during this period. I don’t have any specific plans for the moment I just want to be with my parents and my friends and relax.”

Her father, Reza Saberi, appeared alongside her. He said international pressure got his daughter released. He told reporters it was possible that she would begin working again, though first she’d have to recover from her long ordeal. He was careful with his words.

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