Police ‘stood by’ as man murdered


Kevin McDaidoriginally published: 26th May 2009

The chief constable has asked the Police Ombudsman to investigate claims that his officers stood by and did not intervene as Kevin McDaid was attacked.

The Catholic father-of-four was beaten to death by a gang of men near his home in Coleraine on Sunday after Rangers won the Scottish league title.

Ten people, including a 15-year-old youth, are being questioned. Two other men have been released without charge. Police said there was no evidence that loyalists paramilitaries were involved.

Mr McDaid’s wife, Evelyn, was beaten as she tried to go to her husband’s aid. She said she believed her husband’s death was the work of loyalist paramilitaries. However, Assistant Chief Constable Alistair Finlay said there was “no evidence this was anything other than a maverick group of yobs”.

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One Response to “Police ‘stood by’ as man murdered”

  1. 1 Sheila Dyer

    Such a tragic waste of life, and over what? religion and politics!
    That makes it twice as tragic………..

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