London demonstration ‘kettles’ police


New Scotland Yard policeoriginally published: 26th May 2009

Over 500 protesters held an angry march through central London last Saturday as part of the campaign against police violence.

The protesters turned the tables on the police by “kettling” New Scotland Yard. They surrounded the police headquarters and refused to let anyone in or out, just like the infamous tactics police use against demonstrations.

The protest was organised by the United Campaign Against Police Violence (UCAPV), a new campaign launched on the wave of anger at the death of bystander Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests. It demands the right to protest, the disbanding of the Territorial Support Group riot police, and justice for all those who died in police custody.

Since the 1960s more than 1,000 people have died in police custody – and many of their families and friends were on the protest, demanding justice. No police officer has ever been successfully prosecuted for causing a death in custody.

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