Botswana: police brutality worries Tsimako


botswana policeoriginally published: 15th June 2009

The police have been in the news for the wrong reasons of late. This follows allegations that they are beating up people. Human rights activists are questioning whether Botswana is turning into a police state following the attacks on members of the public.

Last week, the Botswana Gazette carried the story of a young man who claimed that he was beaten up and tortured at Mogoditshane Police Station. On Friday, another newspaper, The Voice carried another story alleging brutality by the police. One of the victims claimed his eardrum was damaged after a beating by police officers at the Gaborone bus rank. The two male siblings said they were subjected to a severe beating after they were accosted by police officers. As usual, the police said they are investigating the matter.

In Maun, suspects have claimed they have been brutalised by the police. Some of the suspects have reportedly appeared in court with injuries. Maun Police Station commander, Robson Maleka has denied that his officers assault suspects. He claimed the suspects might have sustained injuries through other means. He said the suspects could have been beaten by people they robbed. But the accused persons have always made it clear that they were assaulted by the police.

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