Youth organizer still facing felony


oscar grant demooriginally published: 15th June 2009
all credits: SCOOP

A week after Oscar Grant’s murder, while the cop was still walking free and Oscar was being put in the ground, people stood up in Oakland and took to the streets, demanding justice and an end to police brutality.

David, a 16 year old political activist, was arrested that night for speaking the truth and standing on the side of justice. He did not commit any crime, and is being wrongly accused of two felonies and one misdemeanor. As the cop, Johannes Mehserle, is about to stand trial for murder, those who have protested the murder of Oscar Grant are still facing persecution.

Out of over 120 arrested in conjunction with the Oscar Grant protests, David is one of four (and the only juvenile) charged with felonies.

At David’s last pretrial hearing, on April 10, over 40 people showed up to demand the charges be dropped. Many more have demanded the charges be dropped through a community petition started by David’s Defense Committee. The Oakland Education Association has also issued a statement of support for David.

David is a member of the Bay Area Revolution Club, a group that has been fighting police brutality, calling out the system as causing it in the first place, and calling on youth to join a revolutionary movement. The Revolution Club states, “This is an attack on all of those, youth especially, who are lifting their heads and refusing to remain silent in the face of the cold-blooded police murder of Oscar Grant. It is an attack on all those who dream of, and are working to bring into being, a radically different world.”

The Bay Area Revolution Club is calling on people to resist this injustice by being a presence at all of his court dates and spreading the word of this unjust attack on a young activist and on the movement for justice for Oscar Grant.


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