New Jersey officer recorded beating peaceful man


Police Excessive Restraint3originally published: 8th June 2009

How well do we behave when nobody is looking? The answer isn’t important if you’re surfing the Internet while the boss is out to lunch, but it means a lot when it involves the misuse of state-licensed coercive force out of public view.

And, as in the case of Police Officer Joseph Rios III, who apparently beat Ronnie Holloway with little cause, some people entrusted with authority seriously misbehave when they think they act unseen.

As is increasingly the case, Officer Rios wasn’t unobserved. In fact, he and his partner were recorded by a security camera at a nearby bar when they pulled up to the corner in their patrol car and confronted 49-year-old Ronnie Holloway.

Holloway wasn’t obviously doing anything out of the ordinary in the video. The most animation he shows is when he fastens his jacket — under instructions from Rios’s female partner, he says.

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