Death penalty ‘exonerations’


death penalty injectionoriginally published: 6th July 2009

Recently, I made another reference to the number of Death Row inmates across the country who have been spared execution because of exonerations of one form or another.

The Death Penalty Information Center keeps this count — it is presently 133 — and it has been verified elsewhere in the mainstream press. When I first started using the numbers from DPIC, I conducted Sun archive and Internet searches to independently check the exonerations, and found a large sampling of them to be accurate.

But, at the same time, I think “exonerations” should only be used when a person is convicted but later found to be innocent of the murder that resulted in a sentence of death. That is the popular meaning of “exoneration,” and yet the DPIC uses it to cover those whose convictions have been overturned because of legal flaws.

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  1. 1 Reggie Greene

    For those of you who have some questions about the death penalty, a read of a book entitled “Picking Cotton” will have an impact. It did for me.