MP claims UK ‘outsourced torture’


rendition abuse & tortureoriginally published: 8th July 2009

Former shadow home secretary David Davis says he has seen “compelling” evidence that British intelligence services “outsourced torture”. Mr Davis cited Rangzieb Ahmed, from Rochdale, who was jailed for life in the UK for being an al-Qaeda planner.

He claims the intelligence services allowed Ahmed to go to Pakistan where they alerted the authorities who arrested him and tortured him. The government has insisted the UK has never “condoned the use of torture”.

Mr Davis first made his allegations on Tuesday in the House of Commons. Using the legal protection afforded to MPs, he said there was a chain of evidence of complicity in torture and passive rendition.

‘Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday, Mr Davis reiterated his claims. He said he could not reveal his sources, but had seen “a whole load of corroborative evidence” to support his claim regarding Ahmed. “I’m afraid to say that having gone through it all, cross-checked it, looked at it, it is compelling to me,” he said.

“I am absolutely certain of the case.”

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