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compiled by Tippa Naphtali 22nd July 2009 This is an interview with Mrs. Preston, Frances’ childhood friend on the day of Frances Newton’s execution, September 14, 2005 On Wednesday 14th September 2005, Frances Newton became the third woman to die in Texas’ death chamber since executions resumed in 1982, and the first black woman to […]

originally published: 8th July 2009 In A long overdue victory, Ronald Kitchen and Marvin Reeves were freed from an Illinois prison on July 7 after nearly two decades behind bars. Ronnie and Marvin were convicted of the 1988 murder of two women and three children. Prosecutors alleged that the murders were sparked by a debt […]

originally published: 6th July 2009 Recently, I made another reference to the number of Death Row inmates across the country who have been spared execution because of exonerations of one form or another. The Death Penalty Information Center keeps this count — it is presently 133 — and it has been verified elsewhere in the […]