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originally published: 19th July 2009 The Metropolitan police’s controversial tactic of containing large numbers of protesters against their will, known as “kettling”, will be challenged in a case lodged tomorrow with the European Court of Human Rights that claims the practice is a fundamental breach of liberty. The case is being brought by Lois Austin, […]

originally published: 10th July 2009 French riot police firing teargas and plastic bullets have struggled to contain three nights of rioting and arson by youths on suburban estates in the Loire, amid protests over the death of a 21-year-old in police custody. High-rises in Firminy, a small town bordering countryside on the outskirts of Saint-√Čtienne, […]

originally published: 9th July 2009 The sad story of 42-year-old James P. Chasse Jr., who died in 2006 after a brutal encounter with police in downtown Portland, and the equally tragic case of 27-year-old Fouad Kaady, a Gresham resident who was killed a year earlier by police in Clackamas County, have more in common than […]