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2 Responses to “e-Updates”

  1. Dear Susan,

    Thanks for your query.

    There are a couple of options. You can email the press release to us and we will post it for you. It would then go out automatically in our next email bulletin.

    Or you can sign-up for an account with 4WardEver Members Voice, (http://4wardevervoice.wordpress.com/) which allows users to post their own articles any time they wish. This is the web blog for members and supporters of 4WardEver who want to post their own stories and reports regarding deaths and abuses in police, penal or mental health institutions.

    See full guidance here: http://4wardevervoice.wordpress.com/guidance-for-members/

    Hope that helps!

    Ali Leslie

  2. 2 Susan Alexander

    I would like to know how i can upload my press releases to the newsvine.

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